This Wedding Is Doomed AnthologyThis Wedding Is Doomed by Amanda Berry, Jeannie Lin, Shawntelle Madison, Stephanie Draven
Published by berkley, InterMix on May 19, 2015
Genres: Contemp Romance
Format: eBook
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In these stories of matrimonial madness from four sensational authors, unexpected couples find their happily ever after at a wedding that’s counting down to disaster…

When a perfectionist and a troublemaker have to stick together in Amanda Berry’s The Wedding Planner: Flirting with Disaster , more than sparks fly…

In Shawntelle Madison’s The Maid of Honor: Lovers in Lockdown , two best friends trapped in a wine cellar decide to sample the wine—and each other…

Covering up the groom’s many misdeeds forces the best man to choose between loyalty and the love of a wedding singer in Stephanie Draven’s The Best Man: Sex, Lies and Karmic Catastrophe .

And finally, a runaway bride, a hunky caterer and a stolen cake hit the road in a hijacked van in Jeannie Lin’s The Bride: Love on the Run .

This is a different kind of anthology than any I’ve read before. It’s got a really cool concept where each story has the same first line, “This wedding is doomed!” And the neat part is that each story takes place at the same wedding!

So in the first story The Wedding Planner: Flirting with Disaster we see the wedding planner doing her best to find the maid of honor, get the caterer there on time, and try to keep the creepy uncle from ruining the wedding…except, the uncle isn’t all that creepy, and isn’t going to ruin the wedding. It’s cute, and a fun start to set up the wedding.

In the second story The Maid of Honor: Lovers in Lockdown we have the maid of honor with her best friend, who is kind of a hot nerdy guy who’s been in love with his best friend for years. He finally wants to tell her. I really enjoyed seeing a hero who was less sure of himself, and didn’t want to ruin an amazing friendship with her. Trapped in the wine cellar, though, he has plenty of time to tell her how he feels.

The next story is The Best Man: Sex, Lies and Karmic Catastrophe  and it’s setting up the finale of the wedding. The best man is sent to run interference for the groom who saw a very unwelcome familiar face. The problem is that face belongs to the only woman the best man ever loved. And she isn’t there to cause a scene, she’s there to sing at the wedding! Now the best man has to choose between his friend, and the love of his life.

The finale of the book is The Bride: Love on the Run and as with all Jeannie Lin books, it isn’t what I expected. Believe it or not, the wedding is actually doomed! The bride gets last minute jitters and takes off with the caterer. This was my favorite story and I’m glad she ended the book.

The whole idea of connected stories absolutely tickled me! This is a fun anthology with a surprise ending. Even if you’re not typically into anthologies, give this one a try-it’s definitely worth it!

***ARC courtesy of Berkley Intermix