Hello my people, I usually don’t just ramble on and write a bunch of B.S. here on the blog, but what the hell…

Actually just an FYI, I changed the content rating on my blog to 18+ since some of the pictures do get a little naughty (like the car wah boys). But mainly I had to change the rating in preparation for the next chapter in the WRITER”S BLOCK.
Yes, tonight I will sit down and PUSH all of you off the cliff I left you on…LOL
and it might just get a little HAWT…(cue music)

“It’s getting hot in here, so take off all yours clothes
I-am-gett-‘in-so-hot, I’m gonna take my clothes off!”
Okay then, stay turned for more of my sexy story…should be posted tonight.
and of course HUMP DAY recap and that fine backside will be tomorrow as well.