Kimber gently encircled his girth into her palm and stroked his swollen shaft with fluid rhythm. She could here Splash’s breaths increasing in speed and volume as she toyed with him.

He was watching her intensely, taking in every caress and movement she made.
She loved the feel of his naked penis in her hand, it was smooth and soft: yet hard as steel. Lifting her eyes to his, she was overwhelmed and invigorated by the erotic expression on his face as she touched him. Leaning in closer, her breath was hot on the head of his cock, as she whispered, “Do you want to be inside my mouth?”
Splash didn’t need to answer her with words, the sheer need and urgency where written all over his face.
Kimber slowly took her tongue and traced the head of his cock, tasting the salty sweet of his pre-cum as it seeped from the tip.
Splash gasped as the contact and heat of Kimber’s mouth surrounded him. His fists clenched as he resisted reaching for her hair and thrusting himself deeper into her throat.
Kimber swallowed the entire length of him and suckled his pulsing heat, all while roaming his tight ass and thighs with her hands. Her nails dug in as she grasped his buttocks and she drew him in deeper, his muscles flexing as the pain and pleasure assaulted his senses. He was hers at this moments and she enjoyed the control she had over his body.

Although Splash was mindless from the events taking place, he was not going to be satisfied with only a blow job from this lusty woman before him. Reaching down he grasped her shoulders and looked into her half lidded eyes. She was enjoying this, maybe even mmore then him.
“Up, now!” he commanded, determination on his face.
Kimber looked at him questioningly, and then something devilish crossed her features as she gave his shaft a final lick with her tongue. She rose slowly to her feet, releasing her iron hold on his ass and stood before him.
I’ll play, kimber thought. Then Splash took her mouth again. Deep and passion filled were his kisses, almost staving for something…she moaned as he held her and pressed his naked body tight against her. She could feel his body shake with the intensity of emotions being generated.

His need was intense; he hadn’t succumbed to the advances of the women that threw themselves at him every night he performed. He hadn’t had a woman in nearly a month.
“God” he murmured, as he trailed kisses from her mouth, across her neck and down to her collarbone. He paused to glance up at the destruction he had wrought on her lips; they were puffy and swollen.
“Lovely” he whispered, and ran his thumb across her lush bottom lip.
“My turn” he said, and looked her over. Placing his thumb of each hand at the edge of her peasant top’s neckline, he slowly slid the fabric down her shoulder and arms; lowering her top nearly to her waist, exposing her full, lush and pert breasts. Awed by what he saw, he caressed each one slowly, touching her skin that felt like silk under his calloused fingertips. Her rose colored nipples strained towards him, beckoning him to taste her sun kissed flesh and rose blushed peaks.
“Please!”She begged.
He would not deny her this or himself for that matter. He bent and took her breast into his mouth, sucking and tasting her. Paying close attention to one mound with his mouth while the other he worshipped with his hand and fingers.

Kimber was on fire now, Splash had turned the tables. She loved the way he touched her breasts and toyed with her sensitive nipples. Moisture was beginning to pool between her legs; she could feel the hard length of his shaft rubbing her core from the outside of her jean skirt. As he rocked against her, the sensitivity of her clit increased, almost to a painful intensity.
“Enough” she barely grated out. He released her nipple with a final nip of his teeth and she sucked in a breath.
She was panting now, her chest rising and falling quickly and her heart racing; her skin flushed and her temperature boiling with sexual desire.

With lightening speed, Splash grasp her around the waist and turned her so that her back was crushed against his chest. He held onto her tightly with one hand at her hip as he explored with his other. His fingertips traced down her neck, along the tops of her breasts and through the valley between them before coming to rest at the button of her skirt.
Kimber could feel his pulsing rod firm against her backside and his hot breath on her neck. Slowly he slid his hand down the front of her skirt, teasing briefly at the hem, and then gliding his palm over her a trembling thigh.
Splash guided her closer to the leather couch and parallel to the overstuffed arm of it. Releasing her waist, he used both hands to slowly draw the hem of her skirt up to her waist.
Kimber stood, breasts exposed, skirt bunched around her waist and clad only in a small zebra printed thong covering her center.
Splash was transfixed by her round buttocks and the tiny string that disappeared between the lush mounds. He pulled her hips back towards him and ground his stiff cock against her ass cheeks, his weeping shaft allowing him a slick avenue to rub himself. He let his fingers wander over her hip and to the front of her panties, tracing the edge with his pinky. He slowly dipped his fingers under the delicate fabric and searched for her heat. What he found only made his shaft ache more to be inside her. She was shaved clean and smooth, but not naked; she had a tiny barbell that adorned the hood of her clitoris. He toyed with his new found treasure as Kimber squirmed in his arm, bucking and pressing her ass hard against his dick. As he teased and explored her delicate slick folds, dipped a finger inside her, then retreated: her pussy’s juices ran down her inner thighs.
“Oh, you’re killing me!” Kimber moaned. “Give it to me” she pleaded.
“Not yet, I need more” Splash croaked out, forgetting how to talk.
He had to taste her, lick and suck on that decoration between her thighs…Slowly he removed the final scrap of fabric in his way.
His hands no longer touching her skin, he heard Kimber whimper a protest; he then placed a hand on her back and guided her over the edge of the couch; legs spread and ass high in the air.
What a delicious sight this buffet was now here before him, and he intended to dine.
Kimber was dying here, her pussy swollen and dripping with juices that ran down her leg. She was no longer the one in control. She had lost that war the moment he bent her over the couch and start devouring her, licking each sensitive fold and crease. He had now teased her to near climax by licking her ass and fucking her with her with his long fingers. As Splash shifted behind her, she prayed that he was going to get down to business, her core was aching and she needed release.

Splash withdrew his fingers from Kimber’s clenched heat and returned to standing position pressed behind her. Reaching around her, he needed her soft breasts with one hand, while taking care of business with the other.
Kimber heard the unmistakable crinkle of foil as Splash donned a condom one handed and still continued to caress her breasts. She felt him shifting, aligning himself at her entrance; and then felt his thick head poised at her entrance. Was he waiting for permission? If that was the case, she would give him a damn written invitation!
“Fuck me” she groaned.
And with that he thrust long, hard, and deep into her, maintaining a furious rhythm, a man with purpose.
Splash could not control his need, he pounded into her. Driving his cock deep, he felt himself hit bottom with each frenzied thrust. He reached to around her, searching for her core and finding the sensitive nub that would put her over the edge.
Both of their breathing was rapid and the room was filled with sensual murmurs, grunts and the growing intensity of climax.
“Al-mo-s-t the-re, hard-er” Kimber barely managed.
That was all the encouragement Splash needed. With a final thrust and groan he exploded in climax and so did Kimber, barely able to contain the scream of pleasure that exited her lips. They rode the pleasure together and then collapsed over the edge of the couch.

A knock sounded at the door, “Five minutes”, came the stage manager’s voice.

“Perfect timing” Splash smiled, “I’m glad we didn’t get interrupted”,
Slowly he disengaged their connected bodies and began to clean up.
“Me too”, Kimber stood up and accessed her current state of disarray.
“Can I freshen up?” she winked.
Splash nodded and pointed to the door in the corner, holding her tiny leopard panties out to her with a grin.
She took them and sashayed toward the bathroom, confident he was taking one final good look of her backside.

When Kimber emerged from the dressing room and strode to the side stage entrance, she found Frank still at his post keeping watch. She came up behind him and ran her fingers through his midnight hair that went nearly to his ass.
“Find everything you were looking for?”he smiled a knowing look.
“Almost, But you weren’t there.” Kimber winked as she passed, pinching him on the ass.

“Miss me?” Kimber smiled as she approached the table of her girlfriends.
“Were you gone?” said Chrissie with a smirk.
“Of course I missed you!” said Shannon “I’m really low on dollars bills and you owe us two rounds of drinks for taking off with your PRIVATE DANCER”
“Okay, Okay…I’m buying. What did I miss?” she slipped into the booth next to them.
“Not much, just two of the regular guys” Shannon shook her head “You were only gone 20 minutes!”
“What did we miss?” Chrissie leaned in closer to get the details.
“Well, he gave me his digits and I gave him a few tips and showed him some of my moves” Kimber laughed, “You know I don’t kiss and tell!”
Shannon and Chrissie groaned and sat back in the booth.
“I think I need to catch up” Kimber smiled and flagged down the cocktail waitress, “the night is young and we have a lot more Man Candy to view”
The girls sat up with renewed interest and raised their glasses.
“To Man Candy” Shannon squealed.
“To girls night out!” Chrissie bellowed.
“To another 20 minutes!” Kimber winked.
And they all giggled and laughed amongst themselves. The waitress bought the next round of drinks, the lights dimmed and the music began.

“CLOSER” from Nine inch Nails started to play and a spotlight slowly illuminated a the frame of a leather clad rockstar. Six foot six, rippling muscles, and jet black hair that fell to his waist. Slowly his gaze roamed the audience and his vivid green eyes came into view.
Frank? Kimber gasped.
Both Shannon and Chrissie yelled in unison, “NEXT!”