Today is Stuff Your eReader Day! This means about 2000 Romance authors have banded together to offer their books for free for one day only! This time, the books are all over a certain page count (so ideally none of these are short stories). These books are all Romance/Romance Adjacent. I only saw one book listed that specifies “NO HEA” so check those keywords!

That being said, Amazon has been watching this for years and has begun to hype it as well as Stuff Your Kindle Day. This means you’ll see more freebies than just the ones put up by authors who joined. This is excellent news for us as readers! More free books? Um yes please!

Go to the Romance Bookworms website (linked here) and sort by your device (Kobo, Nook, KIndle, etc) and then sort by subgenre! No bookfunnel, no newsletter, nothing but free books for you!


*Always double check the price before one-clicking, and books that are in Kindle Unlimited should be listed as buy for $0.00 and not just free in KU.