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Hi guys! Highland Hussy here, and I wanted to see what you guys think about Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t know, KU is a subscription program that amazon has where you pay I think it’s $9.99 per month and you can read any of the books offered in KU for free (or for that $9.99/month that you’ve already paid).

I haven’t utilized it before because I have access to a lot of books, and I have a really fantastic library system where I live as well. That being said, I saw on Prime Day in mid-July that Amazon was offering 3 months of KU for $.99 so I thought, why not? I actually was thinking more of my kids, since I wasn’t planning on using it much, but you can have 10 books out at one time, so I started poking around.

Now there are limits, and not all books are offered through KU. An author has to be willing to put their books on Amazon and Amazon only in order to qualify, so you might not find your favorite authors. However, you might find your new favorite author, who knows?

I’ve read a few books, and I’ve found Hailey Edwards has a whole backlist up there. I’m really excited about that, because I’m totally hooked on her Foundling series. (Bayou Born review and Bone Driven review)

So now I turn this over to you guys. Who else should I be reading through KU? Are you already a subscriber? If you are, let me know who you love.