How the Hitman Stole Christmas by Katie ReusHow The Hitman Stole Christmas by Katie Reus
Series: Holiday With A Hitman #1
Published by KR Press on October 24, 2023
Genres: Contemporary RS
Pages: 151
Format: Paperback
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Tis the season for a grumpy-sunshine romance with a side of murder and mayhem!

She hates Christmas and everything that goes with it…

Explosives expert Elliana hates Christmas—and the only good thing about this holiday season is that her gorgeous neighbor seems allergic to shirts and clothes in general. She knows because she’s been watching him for months with her drone. She’s never stalked anyone before, but he not only doesn’t seem to mind, he puts on nightly strip shows just for her. When she finally works up the courage to talk to him, she stumbles right into a murder—that he’s committed.

But this holiday is one she’ll never forget…

According to Theo, the whole murder thing is no big deal—the dead guy needed killing. And while her hot neighbor wants her, protecting her is his main priority. So when she’s targeted, this cinnamon roll hitman kidnaps her for her own good. With a deadly threat hunting them and a hot hitman who keeps handcuffing her to him “for her own protection”, Elliana is starting to reconsider her grinchy stance on the holidays. And when everything finally comes to a head, the results are bound to be…explosive.

Within the first few pages I was fully charmed by this book. Just utterly charmed. Which is a huge compliment considering that this book is about a hitman.

This is the most Over The Top (OTT) and fun book I’ve read in so long that actually worked. We have a sexy cinnamon roll hero, and a grumpy Christmas hating heroine, who was a Marine btw, and is now a billionaire. I mean…this book is just so good!

Quick and dirty: Elliana is a former marine who now works with some characters from Ms. Reus’ Red Stone Security series (although this is not listed as being part of the series). She’s been using her drone to spy on her new neighbor, Theo. He’s super hot and has dimples. But he’s noticed her drone so he gives her a show. This goes on for months before she works up the courage to go knock on his door and give him a Christmas gift. She hates Christmas, so this is big for her.He answers the door shirtless and out of breath. She’s ready to offer herself up as a gift when some gagged and beat up guy tries to escape the room behind Theo. Theo sighs and makes her zip tie herself to a post in the house while he deals with the other guy. But he’s very open that he’s a hitman, and that guy hurts others so he’s going to take care of the situation. And she’s more pissed about being handcuffed than about his profession. She breaks loose and runs home. But never calls the cops. Next thing she knows, Theo is decorating her front yard with holiday inflatables! He’s let her know they’re going on a date, and in the meantime, she’s really freaking out internally that she’s not actually freaking out about all of this.

You guys, there’s more, and a couple more twists I won’t get into so as not to spoil it, but seriously this was such a fun book! If your favorite color is morally grey 😉 then this book is 100% for you! If you wanted John Wick but with romance, this is for you, if you like strong women who are demolitions experts and super grumpy and don’t let anyone close but wind up with a fantastic found family, this is for you. If you want a sexy sexy holiday romance, this is for you. And if you’re a fan of great characters, sexy romances, and good writing, this is for you. Are we seeing a pattern here? This book is for you!

Katie Reus is an excellent writer, who writes incredibly sexy Romantic Suspense. She also writes Paranormal Romance, and I think she’s got something for everyone. Check her out!

***I bought this book