Eternal Seduction

by Jennifer Turner

 3.5 out of 5 Flames

I have to say I really enjoyed this eBook by Jennifer Turner, the first in her Darkness Within series. She’s created a world and mythology behind it that was really fascinating to learn and characters that you can’t wait to get to know better.

This story centers on Logan Ellis, a drug addicted homeless woman whose moral compass only points straight at her. Being homeless and trying to keep yourself supplied is hard enough, but now she’s discovered that vampires walk amongst us. To make things worse, one night while going to get her supply she stumbles on 3 fighting vamps, one pissed off Lord of New York, and next thing she knows he’s keeping her at his apartment while he decides whether to erase her memories or kill her. Upside, he’s hot, and she’s got a bed, a shower and food. Downside, he might kill her and he has some obnoxious family members. As if life wasn’t hard enough.

What I liked is that she isn’t a shiny, pretty heroine. She very much looks and reacts to things like a woman who’s spent nearly 15 years on the street. I also like that she never tells Kerestyan (said Lord of New York) she loves him. She recognizes it might happen down the road, but when you’ve spent so many years worrying only about yourself, it’s hard to deal with emotions again. Kerestyan is a typical alpha vampire male with a good heart, but he also admits he’s not a saint. I’d tell you about his family, but that would spoil the fun of learning this world the author’s built and the mythos she’s weaved into it. The dialogue is quick and there are some genuine laugh out loud moments.
And yes, the seduction/sex scenes are H-O-T.

So, the bad points: The story loses .5 flames for the ending, which was resolved a little too quickly and easily but I can move past. It loses a whole flame for the sex scene that takes place after her drug withdrawal. I’m sorry, but if you just spent 48 hours puking and sweating with no sustenance staying in, not only will you feel like utter….crap…when it’s over, but you’re not gonna smell pleasant either. So I don’t think you’d have the stamina for wild monkey sex (no matter how hot it is) and then having to go straight to meet Kerestyan’s daddy dearest and find out if you live or die.
Despite these problems I would definitely recommend reading this eBook and I’m all excited for the next one, which comes out in June 2011.