Snow's HeatSnow’s Heat by Nicole Hicks

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**some spoilers**

It wasn’t quite 4 flames, but I’m rounding up, because I enjoyed it. Snow’s Heat was a fun read, and was actually a bit emotional.

When Sabrina goes up to her friend’s cabin, her goal is to have one of those “Boyfriend Bonfires.” You know, where you take all your ex’s things and burn them. They can be very cathartic (or so I’ve heard *wink wink*). However, with Sabrina, it’s her ex-husband of 10 years. And even though they’ve been divorced for quite a while, something keys off the intense need to exorcise him from her life. While she may not love him anymore, she’s still really hurt.

Her ex-husband is seriously the kind of man I hate. Like I wanted to burn his ball hair off kind of hate. He was very realistic.

Travis, the hero, is about 10 years Sabrina’s junior (we’ll say 25-ish) and he has returned from the military a changed man. He and his buddy were attacked by a snow leopard while searching for insurgents, and his buddy didn’t make it. Travis had the death of his friend on his shoulders, and still has to come to terms with his new dual nature. His solution was to take the medical discharge and buy some land to prowl.

The cabin Sabrina’s staying at borders his property, so it makes sense that he would come across her on one of his hunts. Their first meeting wasn’t exactly love and first sight, but it was pretty funny, bed-head and all.

Travis discovers some poachers on his property, so his leopard decides to play with them a bit. Unfortunately Sabrina follows and finds a leopard. And even more surprising is that she tames the leopard.

Unfortunately her ex show up and pulls the whole “I miss you, I want you back” crap. Fortunately Sabrina tells him off. I loved that part. But Travis is there too, and his leopard starts to show. Sabrina, not being an idiot, figures out what he is, and accepts him anyway.

My favorite line was:

“Who needs a cat lady when I’ve got a nice tame cougar right here.”

I will absolutely read this author again. I liked her sense of humor and I liked how Sabrina handled the leopard. I feel like a lot happened in only 60 pages, I just felt so much focus on the ex that for a novella, I’d have preferred to see more of Sabrina and Travis. I think anyone who wants a great getting over the ex-husband story, this is it. Anyone who wants a fun leopard shifter read, this is it. I thought the heroine realistic and witty. I found the hero hunky and I wanted more of him. In fact I wanted more of the whole short story. Would have made a great full-length novel.

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