Are you Feeling Spontaneous?
For this week’s guest author we have my friend, R.M. Sotera!
She’s used to writing juicy stuff, so I’m sure this was just a walk in the park.
I love the inspiration photo, don’t you?
R.M. has been ever so kind to donate 3 of her books for this week’s winner of Spontaneous Fiction Friday.
Dirty DeedDirty Valkyrie
and now the story…
Halloween Twister always turned out to be a mistake.  Gina placed right hand on red, and covered the rest of Antonio’s body with hers.  Damn if he didn’t smell like a little slice of Heaven and Hell mixed into one.  She drew in a deep breath just as a sexy grin slid across his face.
Trouble.  This could only be trouble. 
“Gina, darlin’, it’s my turn.  But I don’t believe I can spin with you this close.  Perhaps you could do me the honor?”
He snickered. She rolled her eyes.
With her gaze on the spinner she moved her right hand from red and crooked Antonio’s head in her palm, and with the left hand she did what he asked.  The black plastic arrow moved in a circular motion until it landed on right hand red. Again.
The only open space happened to be between her legs.
With the grin still pasted on his face, he tapped the inside of her thigh with his knee right before he whispered, “Spread them darlin’…I mean angel.”
That’s all she wrote.
The raw heat in Antonio’s voice sent her body and mind over the edge.  Into a realm that probably wasn’t so smart to travel with a room full of people.  But desire consumed the common sense part of her brain and she’d entirely forgotten the other costumed people in the room.
With an unstoppable sexual urgency plowing through her body she moved from lying on top of him to straddling him.  His warm hand rested briefly on her hip, before finding the cotton material holding her string bikini bottom together.
He untied.
As if it was the most natural reaction, Gina lifted his head prepared to cover his lips with hers when he purred, “Your turn.”  
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