SEAL of My DreamsSEAL of My Dreams by Robyn Carr

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this anthology or not, but all proceeds from sales of SEAL of My Dreams go to the Veterans Research Corporation, a non-profit fundraiser for veterans’ medical research. How wonderful a concept? And that cover? Yep, a real Navy SEAL, you may even recognize that photo from the newspaper or internet.

Almost all of these authors were new to me, and I really had a good time reading this anthology.

I was a little reluctant to pick this book up for a few reasons. 1. I don’t actually read contemporaries that often 2. An anthology with this much hype? Wasn’t sure it would live up to said hype. 3. I don’t read about SEALs so this was very new to me.

But it was a great book. It’s rare an anthology has me riveted with each story, but this one hit the mark. I am now hooked on real-life heroes Navy SEALs and I am so excited to have picked up several of these authors’ backlist.

One thing I really enjoyed about this anthology was the variety of authors, and the length of the novellas. All were very quick and easy reads, ranging from the sweet, heart-warming type, to the action/adventure type.

I was going to break down each story but I gave almost every one in this book a 4, plus with the length of each, I’m afraid if I reviewed them, it would ruin the story for you. I teared up several times throughout this anthology, and each story is a different take on a SEAL hero. In one, our hero lost his partner-a dog. That was a tearjerker. In another, the heroine saved the SEAL, quite a twist. All were wonderful, and all worth the read.

I received this eARC through netgalley, but I have ordered the paperback so I feel like I helped, just a little. I hope you will each go buy a copy.

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