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Adam (Nightwalkers, #6)Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

The prologue is 2008- Jacob and Bella are fighting Ruth and her lover Nicodemus, this prologue will rip apart the foundations of this series, of this world Jacquelyn Frank built. You will not believe it at first, thinking instead it’s a weird twist, or cruel trick, but it’s real. And it sucks.

Fast forward 10 years later, and we see Leah, Jacob and Bella’s daughter, as an isolated teen. While this may be Jasmine and Adam’s book, we actually get a lot of Leah for about the first 70 pages. And that’s something,in general, that I’d like to point out- Normally too many pov shifts really bothers me, but I like how we saw the viewpoints from our previous characters. It drew me right back into the world, and it reminded me of why I liked this series.

But the in the present, in Leah’s world, the Nightwalkers world is falling apart. I won’t reveal why, even though it’s not a spoiler since it happens in the prologue, but it’s a huge shock. I will say that Leah has wrestled with a certain decision for the last ten years, and something causes her to finally decide what to do.

Leah finds out that she had an uncle named Adam-Jacob’s elder brother, and a great warrior. We flash 400 years back in time to meet Adam. He’s an arrogant, cocky and gets thrown for a loop once he meets Jasmine. But since she’s a vampire, it’s not only taboo, they’re lifelong enemies. Flash forward back to that critical moment in the prologue that I won’t spoil-but add Adam into the mix.
He jumps headlong into the fight against Ruth, killing her vampire lover. Jasmine and Adam run into each other once more, only now, they are allowed to be together-if that’s what they want. The sizzle is definitely there, and the attraction as well, but neither one wants an imprinted mate. Or do they?

The only thing that I missed out on was the romance. There was a lot less romance in this book than the others, and I know it’s hard to tie up all of those loose ends, show us what’s happening, what could happen, and what has happened already (remember, Leah is a demon of Time-so the possibilities are infinite), but I still missed seeing the romance. However, that aside, the plot was fantastic, and this book is well-worth the read. This book made me like Jasmine, who I previously hated. There was a specific girl who shows up, and I have my theories on her, but I’d hoped to see more of her throughout the story. Especially since there were chances for other point of view shifts, hers would have fallen right in place.

Final verdict? Enjoyed this book, the series is such an incredible and unique take on paranormal romance, and I think that it’s absolutely worth reading.

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***thank you to Kensington for providing the ARC of Adam