Review: The Kraken King and the Abominable WormThe kraken king and the abominable worm by Meljean Brook
Series: The Iron Seas #4.2
Published by berkley, InterMix on April 22, 2014
Genres: Romance, Steampunk, Victorian Romance
Pages: 92
Format: eBook
Source: Advance Reader Copy, NetGalley

As they continue their expedition across Australia, Ariq is determined to stay close to Zenobia and figure out what kind of game she’s playing—even as his admiration for the enigmatic woman starts to override his suspicion.

For Zenobia, revealing her identity to a man who once made his living outside of the law is out of the question—even though Ariq’s dashing looks and blunt manner are distractingly appealing.

But before anyone’s secrets or desires can be exposed, an unexpected attack threatens to destroy them all…

Uh oh…the Kraken King has just figured something out, and Zenobia is set in his sights. She has just realized that when he finds something he doesn’t let go. And that might not be a bad thing.
He has just figured out that whatever has turned Zenobia’s attentions from him might be due to something Mara overheard. He wants to correct that. But dare Zenobia let him close?
After convincing him to take her and Helene with him to the marauders’ den, it seems adventure lurks around every corner and once more, she has gotten more than she bargained for.
With boilerworms burrowing beneath them (imagine that movie Tremors but with armor-plated worms with steel teeth that can ratchet a man into their gullets), and with marauders flying above, how will they survive, let alone find time to fall in love?

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***ARC courtesy of Berkley Intermix via netgalley

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