Pre-Teen Wolf by Lucy EdenPre-Teen Wolf Series: Shifter Escapes #3
on October 29, 2021
Genres: PNR
Format: eBook
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Six months ago, wolf shifter John lost his fated mate and the love of his life.
Faced with the prospect of spending the holidays alone, he thought booking a cabin in a remote, shifter-friendly resort in the mountains was the answer to his problems.

Six months ago, Liz, a very human and single mom to a ten-year-old wolf shifter cub, Bradley lost her fated mate and the love of her life.
Faced with the prospect of spending her first holidays without her husband and Bradley's father, she thought booking a cabin in a remote, shifter-friendly resort in the mountains was the answer to her problems.

That is until they discover that they're booked in the same cabin & fighting an attraction that feels a lot like fate.

Pre-Teen Wolf is a holiday story full of wolf shifters, fated mates, second chance romances & single moms and takes place at Black Bear Mountain Lodge and features characters from Bear With Me.

This novella originally appeared in the anthology Big City Heat.

This was a super cute story about two lonely hearts who were recently widowed and have a second chance at love.

John has booked a cabin in a shifter friendly area so he can try to heal and find happiness at Christmas time.

Meghan and her young son have done the same. You know where this is going…they double-booked the cabin! My catnip!

Meghan is human, her son is a shifter. She’s lost her mate, John has lost his mate…double-booked cabin…look, this is right up my alley!

The two of them hit it off and are attracted to each other immediately. Meghan is willing to trust her son to him as they go out running in the woods each night. Being human never bothered her before, but not being able to share in the shifter aspect of his life has been weighing on her.

John is amazing. He’s patient, and kind. Meghan isn’t looking for a new mate, especially since she’s human, but from the moment she sees John, she knows.

This book is told in first person point of view, but each chapter has the character’s name so you know you’re either in Meghan’s head, or John’s. It’s not my fave, but I think for this type of book and how it handles grief, it helps seeing inside their respective hearts.

But…and I typically don’t mind, let alone point out a typo or two, but this book is riddled with missing words and verb tense shifts. For example, the phrase “he has a shit of relatives” instead of I’m assuming “shit ton of relatives.” Even the Goodreads blurb has a different name for the heroine (Liz). I genuinely don’t care about an error or two. It happens to the best of us. But this was obvious and often and pulled me out of the story. I did check and there is no editor listed in the front.

All in all, this was a cute read and I love the idea of a human widow not knowing what to do with her pre-teen shifter son, and getting double-booked with a shifter male…fated mates, second chance at love, double-booked cabin…this book has it all!

***I bought this book