Please say hello and welcome our 5th contestant in the book cover model search…

Brand Will
( I had to make an exception for this contestant, you’ll notice he isn’t wearing jeans. Apparently, he just doesn’t own any pants! DAMN)
 Height: 6’4
Weight: 215-220 lbs all natural, lean, chiseled muscle
Hair: Brown Eyes: HazelAge: 23
Ethnicity: Mostly Czech, British, Irish, German & Native American
BORN: Queens, NY
RAISED: Long Island, NY
RESIDES: Manhattan, NY

Brand was discovered walking home from work in October 2008, by Jeffrey Marano, a well-known published photographer/author whose work can be found in Barnes & Noble bookstore worldwide. It was then, he shot his first test shoot, since then… the underwear modeling has evolved into fitness modeling, as I started hitting the weights harder.
Brand has a unique look, as well as unique physique. You know he’s turning heads when he walks into a room; how can he not with such a strong presence.
Brand has done work for Undergear, Armani Exchange, etc… 
Brand told me, “My goal is to cover a few top fitness magazines. I am also a personal trainer/fitness coach here in NYC & launching my own personal trainer business next month….”

Goodluck Brand on your future, it definately Looks bright!
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