I’m a big Deborah MacGillivray fan, so it’s no surprise that I gave it 5 stars. I love her paranormal aspects set with the historical back-drop; not too many authors can do that and pull it off, but MacGillivray does it well…Nathan Kamp on the cover doesn’t hurt either 🙂
Really, though, this is a beautifully-written story that fits in the same time-line as A Restless Knight and In Her Bed. Another of the Dragon of Challons is awarded a Scottish stronghold…and its woman. Lady Skena, doesn’t know this, however when she rescues her knight one snowy night (ha ha bad pun). Noel got lost in a snowstorm when Brishen (his horse) was spooked, and Skena’s children found him. Skena, went searching for her young twins during the storm when she came upon a half-frozen Norman knight. She nursed him to health, fell in love, and as soon as we think there’s a HEA in sight…her dead husband comes back!
But it’s not him, it’s his brother intent on stealing back the keep and Skena is just a sweet part of the bargain. Can Noel save her in time? Can he figure out that it’s not a ghost, but the brother of a man he killed in battle? Read and see what can happen on one snowy night.
And don’t miss the next installment called To Touch the Knight.