***Spoiler Alert & Caution must be 18 or older to read!***
“Humans aren’t as alone as they choose to believe” 

Angels, Demons, Brownies and Dragons Oh, My!  Carrie Ann Ryan’s second book in the Dante’s Circle Series continues the journey of seven friends who were struck by lightning and lived to become something OTHER than human. They say that there is a True Half or Soul Mate for everyone but in some cases Triad’s are formed. Can anyone say Ménage!    
This is no meek tale but one filled with revenge and intrigue, where a happily ever after isn’t all knight’s in shining armor, but sometimes WISHES come true without all the fluff and fancy. Carrie takes us literally through the depths of hell and back to put her heroine and in this case her TWO heroes together.  She takes us on a wild ride with hot steamy up against the wall sex scenes F/M/M, as well as M/M so be prepared. 
Jamie Bennett – book keeper and book store owner, has been suffering for a year since meeting and being rescued by one very sexy Angel named Ambrose.  She knows that Ambrose is her True Half but he’s nowhere to be found.  After saving her life Ambrose high tails it back to the Angel realm and hasn’t been seen since.  She can’t make the change to whatever she’s meant to be without doing the nasty with Ambrose, but he just doesn’t seem to want to step up to the plate.
Ambrose is a 5000 + years old Angel – he had his world torn apart during the last Angel/Demon war when he lost his children and pregnant wife.  He doesn’t think he can go through that again.  He realizes Jamie is his True Half, but believes she’s way too young to be stuck with an old Angel like him. Ambrose knows he’s being a bit of a chicken where Jamie is concerned but he also has the feeling that there just might be another someone destined to be with her.  What’s an Angel to do??
Demons need souls to survive, Balin is a demon who refuses to take a soul and he’s dying.   The only chance he has to survive is to find his True Half, but his 300thbirthday is fast approaching, if she’s not found before then it’s bye-bye Balin.  Since he’s literally stuck in Hell his chances of meeting Ms. Right are slim to none.  A little magic just might be needed to pull this off.
Demon games, imprisonment and torture, fiery pits of Hell with a bit of magic and of course we can’t forget the sex all wrapped up in this amazing sequel.  She has me WISHING for the next book to come out soon!