Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Piatkus Books (January 6, 2005)  
ISBN-10: 0749934417
ISBN-13: 978-0749934415
Louie Cogburn had spent three days holed up in his apartment, staring at his computer screen. His pounding headache was unbearable – it felt like spikes drilling into his brain. And it was getting worse. Finally, when someone knocked at his door, Louie picked up a baseball bat, opened up the door, and started swinging….

The first cop on the scene fired his stunner twice. Louie died instantly. Detective Eve Dallas has taken over the investigation, but there’s nothing to explain the man’s sudden rage or death. The only clue is a bizarre message left on his computer screen: ABSOLUTE PURITY ACHEIVED

And when a second man dies under near-identical circumstances, Eve starts racking her brain for answers and the courage to face the impossible…that this might be a computer virus able to spread from machine to man….

Once again JD Robb takes us on an incredible journey to find a terrorist group with the objective to purify the world. A group calling themselves “guardians” has taken the law into their own hands, deciding to rid the world of the trash; those who prey on the children and ultimately destroy their innocence. Though Lieutenant Eve Dallas wants justice just the same, what she doesn’t want is a vigilante group doing it outside the letter of the law and taking innocent bystanders with them. Eve and her team are hot on the trail, with her husband Roarke’s help they can stop the next execution before it happens.

I love the action and excitement of the “in Death” books, but the nothing compares to the relationship between Eve and Roarke. The passion and love between them unconditional, they are perfectly matched and I envy the pure raw emotional and physical fireworks between them. This book is a definite keeper.