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Man Candy of the Week: 
Rudi Strydom
Once again I was looking for another candidate for Man Candy of the week and stumbled across this very interesting mate. My favorite photographer, Luis Rafael, has captured some magnificent images of Rudi and I’d like to share them and an interview I had with this amazing and motivated man.

So These are a few questions I had for Rudi.

Where are you from? Raised?

I am from Johannesburg, South Africa. Lived in the countryside until I was 10 and then moved to a city called Vereeniging, about 35 miles south of JHB. Relocated to Johannesburg 2 years ago to pursue a career in fitness and has proved to be a pretty good decision thus far J


When did you start lifting weights/ body building?

I have always been very active and have competed competitively in many sports since a young age. Started working out in my final school year. Only did my first competition in August 2011 so been a professional fitness athlete for about 20 months. These are the titles I have earned thus far:

Body Beautiful SA 2012 – 2nd Place Model+

Winner – Mr United Nations 2012


Winner – Mr Earth SA 2012

Mr South Africa 2012 Finalist

Winner – Mr Fitness South Africa 2011 (Model+)

(Cape Town)

Fitness America 2011 – 7th Place Men’s Model

(Las Vegas)

When was you first modeling shoot? And with what photographer?

My first shoot was in April 2011 with a photographer named Pieter Cornelius from Johannesburg. He later became a great friend and was instrumental in motivating me to compete in the Fitness South Africa Champs which I won and as a result was selected to compete in the world champs in Vegas!



What is your age/height/weight/etc…all your stats.

I am 35 years old, 5”10, 185lbs, brown eyes, ash blonde hair, closet romantic 😉

What do you do for fun?

I fly helicopters.

What is your favorite meal? (spaghetti, tacos, lasagna)

Fillet steak J

Are you married/girlfriend? 

Been single for about 2 years which gave me the opportunity to do the things I wanted to do. Travel the world and compete abroad. Seriously looking at changing my relationship status pretty soon though 😉 Just need to find the right girl..


Your most embarrassing date ever?

Thankfully I’ve never had an embarrassing date. Not that I can remember anyway.

What is your 5 yr plan? Where do you see yourself in the future?

I am planning to relocate to the US within the next year or so and work as a helicopter pilot and further my modeling career.

Something no one knows about you?

I can play the guitar and trumpet 😛 

What an amazing guy. I wish Rudi well and success on his journey: to the States, in life and reaching all of his dreams. We’ll be watching!

Find Rudi on FACEBOOK 
and on Twitter: @RudiStrydomSA
Maybe we will see Rudi on a Future book cover like this?