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Alan D. Charles
Say hello to Alan D. Charles…
He’s quite nice and very intelligent. We chatted and I decided he had to be the next man candy of the week, he more then qualifies!
Here’s the info about him:
Where are you from? Raised?
          I grew up in Green Bay, WI, right across the street from my elementary school. I lived in that home for 19 years; my parents still live in that same home. I grew up with two younger twin brothers and two older sisters in, what I felt, were fairly cramped conditions.
When did you start lifting weights/ body building?
          I began lifting prior to my Freshman year in high school with the intent to prepare for high school sports. I have continued to lift since pretty consistently, however, within the last few years I’ve learned that much of my earlier lifting was terribly ineffective compared to the proper lifting/training I am familiar with now.
          Fitness serves many purposes for me. In a sense, it has the same purpose religion has for many others… I get on that treadmill or hit the weights and my stress from the day starts to melt away. I also find clarity on issues that are weighing on me. Secondly, I find much pleasure in the arts. I look at body building like a real-life sculpture. Its a project that takes dedication, years of hard work, and passion! You have the ability to choose what muscles to develop and shape, similar to the creation of a sculpture. In the end, you’re left with a body full of beautiful lines and shapes which is aesthetically pleasing! We are our very own art project.
When was you first modeling shoot? And with what photographer?
          I would consider my first real shoot to be with Luis Rafael. Although I had done a few smaller runways prior to shooting with Luis, that shoot was my first real experience in modeling. Luis is not only a talented photographer, but I always said he was also a talented scout, in that he had a knack for collecting some of the most beautiful  men to photograph. Furthermore, since I am originally a photographer it was a pleasure to be able to talk photography with him and learn where I could.
What do you do for fun?
I love the water. If I could be on a boat at some point each day of my life I’d be content. I sail quite a bit on one of the beautiful lakes in Madison, WI . I’m also into classic-wood boat restoration, and have restored two boats so far. I am looking to build a wooden skull this summer (crew boat), in which I plan to row early mornings on the river. I spend a lot of time with my camera as I am a photography by occupation and hobby. I try not to leave the house without it. I try to spend a lot of time with my family as it is my biggest point of pride.
What is your favorite meal? (spaghetti, tacos, lasagna)
          My favorite meal… Jack’s pizza and cheese noodles (mac & cheese) I mean, there are many other meals I’d choose over this combo due to quality, but since I’m thinking about memories, I have to include this combo. It was something we’d eat as children along with a movie from the local grocery store and I suppose the comfortable feeling has stuck with me. I hardly get to enjoy this anymore, but every once in a while I get to indulge and it brings back all sorts of interesting memories each time.
Something no one knows about you?
I am such an open person, It really is quite difficult for me to think of something no one knows about me. Here’s something a bit quirky… This is something that very few people know. An odd pet peeve of mine is that I cannot eat cereal next to anyone else in the morning. The sound of someone else eating cereal that early in the morning drives me crazy. So, if you’re going to eat cereal next to me, take care to practice very careful table manners, or exit the room:)


Thank you Alan for the interview & we wish you the best.

Keep doing what you do so well. Anyone ever tell you that you look like Mathew McConaughey?

Doesn’t he, ladies?

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