Sometimes I’m so lucky, I actually stumble right across the potential Man Candy … and Pete was a fabulous find!

My friend & photographer, Jorge Freire, has really captured Pete’s striking presence in these shots.
Who knew a sweater could be so breathtaking?
I wanted to know more about Pete, so here’s a little info about this fasinating 25 yr old that continues to claw his way to the top.
Pete shared his background with me:
I am originally from Springfield, MA but moved to Florida while chasing an ex-girlfriend to see if it would workout between us. Looking back, I think it was mostly to prove I can get what I want and deserve in life, always seeking something better.
I left home at the age of 15 from my big italian family, not getting along with my father growing up, and moved in with 13 of my friends. I have 4 siblings, two older brothers, one younger, and a younger sister. My older brother always supported me and was a the father figure in my life. My brothers, friends and I had good times, but also had many struggles. A tattoo I had done on my arm helps to reminds me of my friends and represents what we have been through. “PVC”, aka Pine View Circle Crew (the street name) was our little name for us being young and just having fun. Unfortunatley, most of my friends either died or got into all sorts of drugs.
Moving from home to home or bouncing to different friends houses didn’t stop me from being a positive thinker. I still remember telling my best friend that we cant sit and complain forever just because we had family issues, we have to move on.
I went back to night school to finish my high school diploma with the support of my ex and my friend’s parents. Immediately after I received my diploma, I went straight to college; Springfield Technical Community College, and completed my Associates Degree. Now, I’m attending Nova Southeastern University and studying Exercise Science.
Exercise has been a part of my life since I was since I started strength training at 16yrs old and found it was my stress reliever for life’s situations. Being part of the fitness industy has made me feel good about myself and proud to teach others the proper technique, form, breathing, and most of all, necessary nutrition. I also dance hip-hop, which allows me to put my feelings into an art. Ive been dancing since i was 13 yrs old learning from greats like Michael Jackson and Usher. 
I  mostly love to help people in life and through difficult situations. Life is about knowing how to be happy with all the negatives around you. I enjoy reading postive thinking books like “The Secret” & “The Four Agreements.”
Modeling just happened. My friend Ian introduced me to a photographer names Jorge Freire, and It didn’t take long after shooting with Jorge for my modeling career to really take flight.
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