Man Candy Re-visited

I thought we’d take a look at a favorite man candy,
since October is his month on my man candy calendar.

Andre Claude
I had the pleasure of interviewing Andre via telephone in May of 2010 for Man Candy of the week.
Andre is truly one of the original man candy on the site.
Here’s the article I wrote about Andre.
I had the extreme pleasure of doing a phone interview with Actor/Model, Andrei Claude. Andrei called in from London where he is currently based and pursuing his career in film. Although some may know him for his previous exploits as a fitness model and gracing the covers of over 50+ romance novels, he is so much more.
Andrei is a man bound and determined to see his dream as a major motion picture actor to reach fruition. Eloquently spoken, he had a fluid, yet commanding presence why we conducted our interview. He was so easy to talk to, that I really had a wonderful time. We discussed his previous work, but I tried to focus on what he really wants to do in the future. His recent move to London is just the first step towards reaching his dreams, and he said “I’m not just waiting on the couch for the phone to ring, I’m working hard to accomplish the things I desire”, although he said it in an utterly sexy Italian accent. Sorry Andrei, but you are even sexy over the phone.
Which brings me to my next subject: profiling. In this case job profiling; meaning that just because Andrei Claude works hard to look good, be healthy and stay fit, he shouldn’t be denied the opportunities to branch out into other fields of work. Men that have symmetry and muscle mass are not idiots, in fact, in order to maintain the regimen it requires to obtain and keep looking as good as Andrei takes discipline and intelligence; of which Andrei has truck loads. I know that we all wish we looked like the models we adore and worship, but they have many obstacles to overcome. Andrei said that he was even denied work as a fashion model due to his defined physique. Although Andrei stands 6 foot and only 182 pounds of lean muscle, he was often not given jobs because of his looks. What? You say, yes, fashion designers would see pictures of Andrei with his shirt off and tell his agent he would never fit the clothes. Believe it or not, Andrei can wear an average size 40 jacket from the rack, even though his pictures deceived him.
Right now I want to introduce you to someone new, Andrei Claude, my friend. He is a wonderful man, hard working and dedicated to his craft. He has never been married, loves to cook and appreciates a well equipped kitchen. Although he is a struggling actor, he had no trouble reining in my appreciation for the truly remarkable man he’s already become in a short 30 years. His dedication and desire to achieve great things, only makes me admire him more. What successes he’s achieved thus far haven’t tainted him, he remains grounded and thankful for all the blessings that have come his way.
I wish Andrei great success in the pursuit of his dreams, but mostly I wish him happiness in all of life’s journeys. He definitely has the drive and desire to do anything he puts his mind to.