The Ghost Exterminator by Vivi Andrews

The Ghost Exterminator (Karmic Consultants, #2)
My rating: SMOKIN HOT
This was a fun book.

The whole premise of this book is that a man buys a house, and the house hates him. He hires a consultant to deal with the house. Meanwhile, he does not believe in anything supernatural. At all. Not even a little bit. So for him to hire someone who is a supernatural freak is a huge deal. The house has him rattled.

Wyatt Haines buys old houses and turns them into Bed and Breakfasts. He’s super successful and super straightlaced.

Jo Banks has been seeing ghosts since she was a kid, but her mom and dad were the country club type, so Jo was told she wasn’t allowed to see ghosts. So, Jo is still trying to find herself. Showing up at Wyatt’s new property in biker clothes and a bad black hair dye job with like 3 inches of blonde roots showing, well, she doesn’t make the best impression. Oh, except that her bod is smokin’ hot, and Wyatt’s stoic corporate self can’t help but stare at her boobs.

She immediately sets to clearing out the ghosts when something goes wrong. The ghosts are being kept in the house and it takes all of her energy and concentration to send them towards the light. Wyatt sees her being jerked around like a puppet on strings and calls her name. Jo loses concentration and snap! 2 ghosts rebound right into Wyatt’s stomach. He is officially haunted by ghosts. And he refuses to believe it.

The hijinks in this book are great, the quirky sense of humor that Jo has cracks me up at every opportunity. and Wyatt’s change from wanting to screw Jo’s brains out, but never wanting anyone else to know about them, to being proud of her brand of crazy, and being happy to have her in his life was sweet.

This is a fun and quirky read with some ghostie business and a great secondary cast. I’m definitely reading the rest of this series.

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