Hunter's Moon (Vampires Realm)Hunter’s Moon by Felicity E. Heaton

My rating: 3.5 flames

This book starts out strong, and caught me up right away.

Nicolae is a lone werewolf who wants nothing more than the peace and solitude running with the local timber wolf pack brings. His night of play is interrupted by human hunters on his mountain. Nicolae scouts them, and from what he can make out, they look like special ops soldiers but they carry cross bows and knives. They are also speaking about finding “her,” and they shot “her.” So Nicolae finds the “her” they were talking about, and imagine his surprise when she turns out to be a vampire.

Nicolae was abused and enslaved by vampires in his past, so to say that he hates vampires is a bit of an understatement. However, he does notice she is not of the bloodline that enslaved and slaughtered his pack so many years ago.

So Nicolae rescues the vampire female, and even goes so far as to tend her wounds and care for her. At a couple points he deals with the local werewolf pack telling them that what he does on his property is his business. He is soo much more alpha than the alpha, but he wants nothing to do with a pack, since a century before he’d lost his pack to the vampires.

Right about here, we find out more about Tatyana, and what those hunters being in Nicolae’s little slice of Canadian heaven really means. Those hunters are using vampire and werewolf blood to enhance themselves and then kill the vamps and wolves. The story has a little bit of a slow period right after that, and it really was slow. But I think it was supposed to be as Tatyana and Nicolae were learning to trust each other. Trust didn’t come easily, and they danced around their attraction for a while as well. I don’t think it was until Tatyana was attacked by the local alpha that Nicolae realized the depths and importance of what he was feeling. I enjoyed the ending, and I will definitely read this author again.

**book provided by the author for review
***book is in a series but works fine as a stand=alone

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