Nicole Morgan
Author of lovely naughty erotic books…
Sweet Redemption [Sweet Awakenings 1] (Siren Publishing Allure)Intimate Persuasions [Intimate Temptations] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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and here’s her start to the story…
There he was.  She walked into the room and leered at his taught muscles as the smell of lavender filled her senses.   Closing the door she took a deep breath to calm her nerves.  She’d struggled all night with wondering if she would actually be able to go through with this.  Yet here she was, wearing nothing but her tiny hoop earrings and a blush. 
“Stacy?” Will called out, not looking up at her.
“I’m here.” She answered.  Her voice came out in a whisper and she wondered if he’d noticed.
“Good. I’ve been looking forward to today all night.  I’m so tense. I need to unwind.”
She bit back the wicked grin that wanted to creep its way across her face. “Don’t you worry, Will. I know just the thing which will help you find release for all that tension.”
She started with the honey almond oil. Coating her hands with it generously she began to work his hand and shoulders.  He hadn’t been lying. He was incredibly tense.  The thought of seducing him had consumed her for the most of the night and was wreaking havoc on her libido. As she was rubbed the warm oil on him her concentration was beginning to fail her.  She wanted him so bad.  Months of personal massages, flirty glances and gentle touches had turned her into a puddle of need just aching to be filled by him.  She could feel the wetness building between her thighs.  The room was cool and comfortable but the heat emanating from her core was driving her insane.  It was all she could do to not touch herself right then.  Lost in her thoughts she forgot all sense of subtlety and moaned.
Her eyes widened in embarrassment when Will turned to look at her. They stared at one another for what seemed like hours but could have only been seconds.  Never before had she felt so completely conscious of her body. She was suddenly hyper aware of every curve, every flaw and imperfection as he stared at her, his face seemingly expressionless.  Slowly he started to get up from the table.  Nervously she stood frozen, unsure what to do and praying this wasn’t a mistake.
“Get on the table.”
Her breathing hitched and she unconsciously licked her lower lip at his request. No, he wasn’t asking her. He was telling her. His deep voice which had turned her on for so many months was instructing her to do as he said. Thoughts flooded her mind as she felt a warm trickle spill from between her moistened lips. She had no choice.  She would do whatever he told her, her need for him was too great. She was completely at his mercy as she got on the table and waited for his touch…
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