Wow, this was a surprisingly good and quick read! I wasn’t really expecting much from it, but it was a new take on Shifters, and their power source (the Earth, but through a conduit-her name is Kara). Every time a Radiant One dies, a new one is marked to take her place, but Kara was raised human, and has no clue what the mark on her breast that just appeared is. She is the only one in the whole world who can tap into the power of the Earth for the Therian race. The Feral Warriors (9 total, one representing each Shifter’s race) search her out and basically kidnap her. Too bad for them she’s wily. She jumps out of the car and takes off.
Once Lyon, the Feral chief, catches her again and convinces her to come with him, the two feel the unmistakable pull of desire. But Kara is then mated to another…Vhyper…but it feels WRONG, Kara knows it and Lyon feels it but is in denial. They fight (or don’t fight in Kara’s case) the desire, but meanwhile some plot twists take place that have the reader(me) almost dropping the book in shock…Kara is then believed to be Mage (the enemy), and she runs into the woods…ahh but Lyon finds her, and being Mage, she can’t be the Radiant one, so the mating was null, therefore they can finally have sex!!! But then confusion and magic and bad guys ensue. The next couple plot twists blindsided me, but in a good way, and I was very pleasantly surprised with this book!