I’m proud to announce that author Elizabeth Amber has earned the coveted
Golden Cucumber Award
for her book RAINE in the Lords of Satyr Series
The Lords of Satyr series is a fanciful journey into all things dark and seductive.
The warning label on the back of the book: “This is a REALLY HOT book” is no joke!
This series is Paranormal and takes you back to the 1800’s and into the world where magical beings and happenings exist, but are hidden from those whom are merely human.
Magical gardens, vineyards of life and gateways to otherworlds.
In book 2, Raine, the middle Satyr brother must travel to find his predestined bride in Venice. Time is of the essence and a threatening plague upon the family’s vineyard weighs heavy on his mind. His journey to Venice is to attend a lecture regarding the disease affecting the vineyards across Europe.
Call it fate or coinsidence, Raine stubbles into the wrong door, at the right time. A lecture on a shocking abnormality and displayed right there before him on the stage is a naked human, riveted; he dare not look away. Raine has just met his bride to be…
I thoughly enjoyed Book 1, Nicholas, and Book 2. These erotic novels are not for the faint of heart. They are lusty, intense and passionate novels that snare you and refuse to let go.
I read each one in a day, could not put them down once started.
Great reads, please check out Elizabeth’s website 
and her other works.