A $2 ebook with a great vampire story.
I love Alexis Morgan, so it’s no surprise that I love her vampires. I asked her if she set this in the near future because I noticed words like “transport” used instead of “car” and she told me it’s a slightly different reality. So New Eire is a different world, just FYI.
Other than that, it’s an action-packed short story…don’t see too many of those. The lust factor is there. I love the world set with pure-bred vampires, chancellors (half-breeds) and humans. It was a quick, lusty, adventurous short story about vampires and humans fighting over a worthless piece of land while an unexpected enemy betrays them all.
Alexis Morgan always delivers love, lust, action and a great story.
4 stars

I have a really hard time rating short stories, but Alexis Morgan always does a great job on hers.
I think this could be a 5 star short, maybe someone else who’s read it can comment about that for me. I have a tough time rating shorts as fivers because sometimes I miss the full-length action.
Although, with Alexis Morgan, there is never that missing action feeling, and her characters lust factor is usually pretty spicy. I like how in paranormals, the love factor can be explained as “mates” so you don’t feel like they fell in love to quickly.
I liked how Keelie had blamed Griff for her father’s death (his best friend) for her whole life, but was still drawn to him, and for some reason trusted him. Keelie trusted Griff to keep her safe while at the same time palming her own gun to go after the jerkoff who set her house on fire WHILE SHE WAS STILL IN IT!! (she what I mean about a ton of action in a short page span?-Alexis is always awesome about that!)
So, for $2, this is an excellent buy, I’d pay 3 or 4 even since it was pretty hard to put down. (I bought it on my iphone Kindle app while my daughter got a cavity filled at the dentist) and I enjoyed the hell out of the Keelie and Griff. And the werewolves. I am soo looking forward to the her next short.
5 stars
(both Nocturne Bites are set in the world of Vampire Vendetta)