Enraptured (Eternal Guardians, #4)Enraptured by Elisabeth Naughton
My rating: 4.5 of 5 flames

I’ve kind of always liked Orpheus, and when I found out his story was next, I was really excited! He’s a half daemon/half Argonaut with a witchy twist. This book was much darker than I expected, but in a good way.

If you remember, Orpheus’ brother Gryphon was killed, sort of. A warlock stole his soul and sent it to Tartarus while running amok with his body. This meant the Argonaut markings showed up on Orpheus’s arms. This was unacceptable. Orpheus’ goal is to return his brother’s soul to his body, but don’t go getting any ideas about Orpheus being a hero. He’s the first to say that Gryphon’s the hero, and he’s just a screw-up. He’s not doing it for any noble reasons, it’s all because he doesn’t want to be a hero (or at least that’s what he says).

As the book opens, Orpheus is looking for a woman who can help him find the warlock who wears his brother’s body. But while he’s hunting the daughter of Persephone and Zeus, someone is hunting him.

Skyla is a Siren and her mission is to kill the half-daemon named Orpheus. She is told how evil he is, and what a monster he is, but she didn’t once question what she was told. Turns out Zeus and Athena told her a big pack of lies.

When Orpheus and Skyla meet up, she is amazed at his control over his daemon half, but she also sticks to him like glue. And then she seduces him. Orpheus keeps having these déjà vu like visions about Skyla and himself from millennia ago. But he figures he’s just freaking out since she seems so unaffected.

She’s not.

Turns out good ol’ Zeus sent her after her former fiancé and soul mate. They don’t recognize each other because the Sirens killed her man and the Fates reincarnated him only a few centuries ago. Orpheus has no recollection of Skyla, and Skyla has all of her memories in tact. This makes for some interesting times.

Meanwhile, Gryphon is undergoing such an awful daily torture that when Atalanta finds him, he is willing to do anything (and he does) to get away from the torture. Atalanta has her own schemes going on while the Argonauts are trying to save Gryphon. Plus they are learning to trust Orpheus, and Skyla is falling in love with him, it’s really a big mess. Yet, Orpheus pulls it off. The guys realize that maybe he’s not as bad as he wants them to think.

This is one of the best books in the series, and it’s a non-stop ride. Between constantly fighting his daemon half, trying not to fall for Skyla, and telling himself he’s not to be a hero, Orpheus will quickly become one of your favorite heroes.

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