Tempted (Dark Protectors, #2.5)Tempted by Rebecca Zanetti

                         My rating: 3.5 flames of 5 stars

This is a good novella and easy to slip into the world. For some reason I thought this was aliens, but I guess not? It’s vampires and Kurjans. But I’m not sure if they’re otherworldly or what.

Sarah has escaped the psych hospital where her half-brother had her committed, and she’s on the run. She had a run-in with the Kurjans, but thinks they are vampires…monsters. Her half-brother Andrew wants her controlling shares in their grandfather’s pharmaceuticals company,so he puts her on a temporary 3 month mental evaluation before he plans to turn her over to the Kurjans, because she’s a potential mate for them as well.

But the vampires want her for their own reasons. She is a potential mate. She has a pychometric ability that allows her/forces her to see whatever info is left by the last person to touch the object. A chair where a mother had been sitting when she found out her adoption would go through brings Sarah joy. But the gun her brother used on her brought rage and fear from the gang member who held it before her brother had.

I loved Max, and I enjoyed seeing the vampires together, but Sarah tended to annoy me a bit. On the whole, I think this is a fast and enjoyable PNR read. I have the next book and I’m excited to start it today, I did like the world-building and I definitely want to read the first 2 books.

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