DNF Review: Dark Prince by Christine FeehanDark Prince by Christine Feehan
Series: Carpathians #1
Published by HarperCollins Genres: PNR
Pages: 480
Format: select
Source: Purchased

The Author’s Cut Special Edition of thebeloved first novel in Christine Feehan’s NewYork Times bestselling Dark series

Dark Prince

Enter the enchanting world of the Carpathians,where dark adventure, mystery, and love await,and the desires of two daring hearts unite in oneirresistible passion.

A telepathic hunter of serial killers, RavenWhitney helps to catch some of the most depravedcriminals. But her work keeps her from getting closeto others, and has drained her body and spirit. Inneed of rest and rejuvenation, she embarks for avacation far from home.

Mikhail Dubrinsky is the prince of the Carpathians,the powerful leader of a wise and secret ancientrace that thrives in the night. Engulfed by despair,fearful of never finding the mate who can save himfrom the encroaching darkness, his soul cries outin loneliness—until the day that a beautiful voicefull of light and love responds, softly soothing hispain and yearning.

From the moment they meet, Raven and Mikhailare helpless to resist the desire that sparks betweenthem. But just as fate unexpectedly brings theselife mates together, malevolent forces threaten todestroy them and their fragile love. Yet even if theysurvive, how can these two lovers—Carpathianand human—build a future together? And how canMikhail bring Raven into his dark world withoutextinguishing her beautiful goodness and light?

I think it’s an official DNF…I started reading it in 2013 (really? Wow! I swear I started it this year!) I guess if it’s been sitting there that long, I won’t be finishing it.
I just don’t like Feehan. Her heroes take over the heroines’ lives and I hate how they remove agency and choice. Like every single book I’ve ever read by her.
I’m done.

Okay, the earliest publish date I can find on this book is April of 2000, however it won an award in ’99, so even giving this book the benefit of the early ages of PNR’s heyday, this book is awful.

I didn’t finish it around 60% in, and lemme tell you…

This was recommended to me on Twitter, and at the time (it looks like I bought this i 2013), it was $.99. So I grabbed it and dug in. I love a good paranormal romance, I really miss when you couldn’t turn a corner without tripping over one. Being that this is a long-running series, and a popular one at that, I figured I couldn’t go wrong.


Okay, so I like a good alphahole hero. I freely admit that I don’t mind a bit of the caveman in my romance heroes. However, this guy is borderline stalker/rapist/kidnapper. My goodness.

I had issues with Feehan’s latest Carpathian novel, and I decided to break up with her. I have yet to read something by her I like. So I’ve quit trying.

I have the same problem with this, a book written in the late ’90s, as I had with her most recent, written in 2015. I figure if I’m seeing the same problem, it’s time to let her go.

My problem? Her women are basically robbed of any say in their own lives by the men. These men tend to turn them to vampires “for their own good,” of course, or kidnap them, or tell them they are the fated mate and can’t leave, or all 3, or other things that pissed me off too. Ugh. Seriously.

So, I don’t recommend this book, or this author to anyone. I mean if you like the choice take from your heroine, maybe this is for you? I don’t know. I’m also sure many of you have read this book/series/author, and probably love it all! That’s awesome, no judgement here! But man oh man, I just can’t with her anymore. Feehan, I’m done trying.