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Every now and then, I Do Not Finish a book, and for some reason, I read a few stinkers this month. I wanted to just write a quick roundup of them, rather than a full post of why I didn’t finish them.

Alexa Riley Everything for Her

How does this book have so many 5 star reviews? This blogging duo turned writing duo has never been my taste. But this is a Carina Press book, and I guess I expected it to be better. It’s not. And Carina Press, who edited this because grammar, yikes! This is a stalkeriffic and creepy hero with a doormat heroine. But seriously if you made it that far good for you. The hero is the biggest turn off. Straight up stalker. Like, girl, get yourself a restraining order. It says a novel of “Sexy Obsession.” Dude, you want sexy obsession? Read Cynthia Eden. Her stuff is sexy and you don’t feel like you need to call the cops for the heroine. I will never read them again. I had hope Carina Press would straighten out the issues I had, but if anything, this book is worse than their first couple.

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Sophie Jordan Foreplay

This New Adult book was awful. I’ll stick to her Historicals. Those work for me. For some reason her other books don’t. NA isn’t my jam. I thought a favorite (Historical Romance) author of mine might make me enjoy this book, but even Sophie Jordan couldn’t work that magic. I didn’t care for anyone in the book. It’s hard to enjoy a book when you don’t like the characters. :/

***ARC courtesy of William Morrow

Sherrilyn Kenyon Born of Fury

I’m officially breaking up with Sherrilyn Kenyon. This breaks my heart. I think I’ve just outgrown her writing. It hurts me to say that since she was one of my first PNR favorites, and she truly paved the way for PNR to go where it did. I just can’t handle the tortured pasts that is her style anymore. I don’t want to read about the literal torture the characters survive before they meet each other. The HEA payout isn’t worth it. With everything Sherrilyn Kenyon has been going through (google it guys, it’s crazy), I wanted to support her. But this book just reminded me why I quit reading her to begin with. Acheron was the beginning of the end for me, I think. It was 700 pages of torture and 100 pages of almost happyish stuff. I didn’t think his HEA was good enough for all he’d endured. I just can’t read her torture porn anymore.

***I bought the book