Pack of Lies by Hailey Edwardspack of lies on January 15, 2020
Pages: 283
Format: eBook
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Hadley is losing time, and her shadow refuses to shed light on the gaps in her memory. How can she protect her city if she can't remember where she goes or what she does when she ought to be asleep? Her grim history appears to be stuck on repeat, and the only way forward might be a scythe through her back.

This second book in the Potentate of Atlanta brought us back to the beginning of Hadley’s story in the sense that she’s losing time, she’s waking up in weird places, and Ambrose (her shadow) isn’t talking.

Quick overview-in the Necromancer series, Hadley was Amalie, Grier’s best friend since childhood, but she got greedy. She wanted more for her life than she was allowed. She summoned something (Ambrose) that would take her over and use her in return for powers. Her punishment was lenient, and now she’s taking over for Linus as Potentate of Atlanta. You do not need to have read the Necromancer series to enjoy this one, but you do need to read them in order.

Hadley is doing everything she can to make up for her past, but to make the new identity work, she has a new life, and body. With a charm, a glamour, she is no longer Amalie. She is Hadley. I really like her. I wasn’t sure if the author would be able to take a previous villain and make her likeable, but she has.

Midas is interesting. We’ve all known since the previous series, that he considers himself broken. Here we glimpses of why. And I don’t think I like the way he’s spent the past few centuries handling it. It’s all going to come to a head, and that time seems to be now. I did like his mother a lot though. I don’t even mind his accidentally/ not-so-accidentally claiming of Hadley, and I like that she can refuse it. It gives her the agency that his claiming could otherwise take away. It’s more of a courtship than a claiming.

I feel like Ambrose should have a bigger role. He’s got so much potential. Why waste him? I also liked the way Linus and Hadley barged in at the end, but that ending? Hmmm…If the 7 hearts means what I think it means, I’m gonna be mad. Hadley should be allowed [redacted for now]

This has a very Kate Daniels vibe, so if you like that series, you’d probably like this one.

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