Hello peeps, this is DL reporting after a LONG day of Authors, fun and Books.
I’ve got a few pictures to share and the reveal of my costume!
DL and Christine Feehan
DL as Mercy Thompson! Yeah… I won most unique costume and
a ticket to next year’s RomCon convention.
Our RomCon Buddy group
Mary, Maggie, DL, Kelli and Kim.
Me and my friend Jenna Maclaine, fabulous PNR author!
Another Buddy group shot:
DL, Jenna, Mary, Felicia, Kim, Maggie and Kelli.
Cute camera guy! LOL
Me and Melissa Mayhue, nicest author EVER!
Me and Jeaniene Frost, She is awesome!

Mary in her faery costume
Ann Marie as Medusa
Jamie and Maggie
Having a blast with my new buddies and my 3 roommates!
Can’t wait to share more tomorrow…
Sweet dreams!