I really enjoyed this 2nd book in the Cin Craven series, Grave Sins. The author had a captive audience with me, because I was on the edge of my seat to find out what would happen next.

Cin, our heroine, is a vampire and a powerful witch. She has been forced to use dark black magic thought hidden inside her to save the man she loves. Relationships are forever changed due to events that have occurred with the use of dark magic and the lives it has taken.

Her feelings are then compounded by a dark, very old and mysterious vampire that arrives on her doorstep. Cin and The Rightous are then tasked with a mission that can not be denied and this intruiging and seductive vampire must accompany them. The Rightous must journey to see a vampire king and queen of the western lands and decide the queen’s fate. In order to protect the human innocents, Cin and the Rightous may have to deliver justice by administering death’s blow.

Cin, Michael, Justine and Devlin must be on thier guard at all times while visiting this new kingdom, people and things aren’t quite as they may seem.

Cin will find herself at a crossroads in this novel, not sure what direction to take. Her husband’s intense jealiousy, the dark strangers constant flirtations and the ever lurking dark powers she hides within her are all tearing at her soul, but mostly at her heart.

4/5 Stars