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Please welcome PNR Author Donna Grant

Review of Forbidden Highlander
Releases on Tuesday, May 25th
Oh where to begin on this one! First let me say that I loved this book. Donna’s writing is easygoing and magical, it guides you seamlessly through the story of which you hope will never end.

In Forbidden Highlander we are focused on one particular MacLeod brother, Fallon, the eldest. Since the current capture of his brother Quinn, the focus on the future of his clan and their lands has reached great importance, enough to have him leave the sanctuary of the MacLeod castle for the first time in centuries. In efforts to re-claim his family’s lands, he travels to see the king and seek his aid on the matter. While at court he tries to distance himself from the crowds and gossip that runs rampant there, only having his single task to focus on; that is until he sees a vision of all his desires from across the room of the great hall.

Larena Monroe is at court and has been for some time now. She is by everyone’s accounts only a lady, and there to rub elbows with those of the court. However, this guise she’s created is merely to seek out those who have power and most importantly, information. She is not what she seems. Larena is wanted by all available men at court, and uses her beauty to get answers but nothing more then that. She has no interest in these men that fawn upon her. Larena is there to find out information to save her, and protect the secrets she alone has been destined to guard. Weary of the formality of court, she tires of this charade and decides it might be time to leave… until she see’s him. Dark and powerful, skin of sun kissed gold, he towers above all the men around him. He has a commanding presence and is dressed in the ways of a Highlander. This stranger is raw, sexual and lithe as he stalks the outer edges of the great hall; and he is staring right at her.
You won’t be able to stop reading this tale of adventure, action and thick sexual tension.
Fallon and Larena’s paths will cross while they embark on a journey to save lives, save their loved ones and perhaps save someones soul. The rippling energy in the air, made of desire and aprehension can be literally cut with a knife when they are near. Neither of them is sure, affraid that they can give the most important thing of all, trust.
I’d like to welcome Donna to DemonLover’s books and more for the 9 Days of Darkness event.
She will be stopping in today from 10-4pm PST to chat and comment with you all.
Donna, Donna, Donna! How can we be expected to wait for such greatness…? Well, followers you shall wait no longer! This 2nd book in the DARK SWORD SERIES,
Forbidden Highlander lands at bookstores everywhere this
Tuesday, May 25th for your reading pleasure.

If you are new to Donnas’ work, then you are in luck. She has only released book 1 in the DARK SWORD series, Dangerous Highlander! This one has my favorite brother, Lucan, gracing its pages. I had the pleasure of interviewing Donna after its release and reviewing the book.
You can view my interview with Donna Grant HERE
Donna is donating a signed copy of Dangerous Highlander to one lucky fan that comments.
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