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I was offered a chance to review these cashmere writing gloves from Literary Book Gifts, and since I do actually wear gloves when I write, I was really excited!

Writing Gloves ready and waiting!

They are super soft, and incredibly comfortable. I was really excited for these, because as I mentioned, I do wear gloves when I write. However, my old ones are crappy cheap knit ones from Target and I’ve cut the fingertips off. These are infinitely nicer.

My hands get cold easily, and my nails turn blue (it’s a thing). I like how these are small enough to tuck in my laptop bag, and warm enough to keep my fingers from stiffening up when they get cold.

I will say that they take a while to get to you. They come from China so expect a couple of weeks. I chose Heathered Purple, but there are other shades.

These are from Literary Book Gifts.

They have lots of other fun things to look at, including a section that’s called “Writer Gifts.”

So if you’re on the market for soft writing gloves, you should check these out!