by Lara Adrian
Absolutely Amazing!! If you love Hot, Sexy Vampire Warriors who will have you saying “Edward Who?”, then Lara Adrian’s EDGE OF DAWN is for you.  In true Lara Adrian fashion she pulls you back into the world of the Midnight Breed and has you wondering, or at least hoping that the Breed truly exist and wishing you were a Breedmate.

            **** Please Note Spoiler Alert ****
If you have not read all of the Original Midnight Breed Series – STOP! Please do not read further.  To truly enjoy this book go to Lara Adrian’s Website at the  following link http://www.laraadrian.com/series.php Please start with A Kiss of Midnight the first in her series available at Amazon and many other book sellers. You will thank me. 
If you’ve been following the Midnight Breed Series you probably felt like you were left hanging at the end of Darker After Midnight.  I was like – “What??”  I didn’t want it to end, but Lara never disappoints.  She moves us ahead in time and now we get to watch the next generation of Breed Warriors tackle a new foe. Don’t think that Lucan and the rest of the Order and their Mates are forgotten though; they came along to help guide their children toward finding Peace in this new life.
To start us off, the first in this new series focuses on Mira, who most will recall is the adopted daughter to Niko and Renata (Veil of Midnight).  She’s all grown up and a Warrior of the Order taking on the task of ridding the world of rebel groups that have risen up after the unveiling of the Breed’s existence. Watch her struggle to come to terms with the loss of a dear friend and discover who among the next generation of Breed Warriors will be strong enough to be her Mate.  You will cry and want to pull your hair out at least once while reading this, at least I did.  I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t gotten their copy yet so I’m not giving anymore details.  It is a MUST read in my opinion.  Lara Adrian has never dropped the ball when it comes to her stories; she always leaves you begging for more.  I ask you this Lara when’s the next book coming out??  I want MORE PLEASE!!