TakenTaken by Chloe Stowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am really speechless about about this book. Author Chloe Stowe has completely outdone herself.

Imagine meeting the man of your dreams, your soulmate, your everything; only to have them torn from your life. Or being chained to the vows of marriage, condemed to see that all you ever wanted is out there in the world; but can only be attained in secret. Never really being able to “know” the person who holds your heart.

Not only does author Chloe Stowe broach these subjects, she also takes you along for a ride of passion, sin and extasy. Her writing is detailed and enticing, letting you visualize action and reaction between our m/m characters. Who knew such passion and love could exist for any couple?
I’ll have me some of that!

I applaud the storyline, detail, research and obvious effort that went into this book, it was a pleasure to read and an honor to share with all of you.

A MUST read, no matter what genre you normally frequent.

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