This book was amazing! It is urban fantasy, and I don’t usually care for UF, but this is one hell of a series.

Janet Begay is a Stormwalker-a Navajo girl who can manipulate storm energy. But she’s only half Navajo, her mother is a goddess from Beneath. Her mother has been trying to escape Beneath and rule the earth, so she inhabited a human woman, and seduced Janet’s Navajo father. Apparently she has tried this before, but Janet is the only child to ever survive. In fact, her birth mother died shortly after. So Janet was raised Navajo and taught to respect earth magic. Luckily, otherwise she might just join her mother and release those sealed in Beneath.

She also has a boyfriend who she left 5 years ago, who just seems to show up when she could use some help. Mick is a sexy, powerful Firewalker. But that’s not all he is. I won’t spoil that surprise, but even Janet didn’t know what he was.

But there is a problem with the cut and dry matter of wanting to stop her mother from unsealing the vortexes…Janet’s not powerful enough. The trickster god Coyote, (you might remember him, and Jamison the cougar shifter, from “A Little Night Music” in Hot for the Holidays) is her ally, but only inasmuch as he’ll kill her to save the world. And Mick and Jamison help as well, but it’s just not enough, because Janet’s helpless unless a storm is nearby.

Meanwhile dead bodies keep turning up, and Janet keeps ending up in jail. How is she supposed to save the world from a holding cell? And let me just say that Sheriff Nash Jones might be a jerk, but I think he’ll come in handy in the next book- see he might be an Unbeliever (doesn’t believe in magic, or woo woo stuff), but he happens to be a Null. He can absorb magic and it won’t hurt him.

This book was intense and frustrating and fabulous. it lacked the annoying blah-ness that sometimes comes with first series books. Stormwalker starts off strong and stays strong. For those of you who love UF, you will LOVE this series. For those of you who prefer paranormal romance, you will LOVE this book!
I give it 5 stars.