Kresley Cole’s next installment in her Immortals After Dark series is set to be released August 24. Just last night, she got her first excerpt up from the book Demon from the Dark…and let me tell you it is going to be goood!
This excerpt has very little interaction between our hero Malkom, and our heroine Carrow. But we do get to see their first meeting, and we get some incredibly intriguing information and background on both Carrow and Malkom…the first Vemon!!!
Remember how at the end of Pleasure of a Dark Prince, several immortals were captured? Well, this excerpt tells us why and to what end. Buuuut…do not read the excerpt unless you want to suffer horribly til August! I am sitting on pins and needles now waiting for the end of August!
Check out the link to both Kresley’s website, and the excerpt to Demon from the Dark.