Dark Victory is another addition to the fantastic MASTERS OF TIME series by Brenda Joyce. This story’s focus is on Tabitha Rose and the Black MacLeod.

Tabitha is a Rose woman, school teacher by day and magic wielding witch by night. Tabitha has been having visions, seeing a Highlander from the past. She is drawn to find out the history of these images and people she sees. She decides to continue her research by visiting a medieval Irish exhibit being held at the MET in New York. With sister Sam and sister’s co-worker Kit in tow, they are up for the adventure. But as they near the exhibit, a strange foreboding is present and the halls of the Met are oddly empty for a weekend? Dawn the glassed in case, Tabby finds herself locked in fascination with a single item. Hanging from a gold chain lays a talisman, an open palm with a pale stone at its center. Tabby can feel the magic coming from its core. Suddenly tabby finds herself overcome with grief and emotion, raising her eyes she finds herself staring at a Highlander, he is bloodied and burned, then suddenly he is gone. Wincing in pain, she murmurs “Come to me Highlander”.

The Black Macleod, that was what he was called in Blayde, Scotland in 1298, and that is what he had become since the slaying of his entire family when he was a mere boy. Since that young age he had heard her, calling to him and haunting his dreams. But today he was awake, he could feel her summon him; “Come to me Highlander”. And just like that he was sifting time, hurled into blackness and the future. Where the hell was he?

What I’ve given you is a very, very small pinch of this novel. This story is so complex and riveting you have to read it for yourself to truly understand. MacLeod is a brut, forceful, barbaric and a medieval highland warrior to the core. When suddenly being thrust into the year 2008, he is not amused or happy in the least. Tabitha a strong-minded modern woman is not about to take MacLeod’s chauvinistic ways and does whatever necessary to put her foot down, including an open-handed slap to the face. The chemistry, passion and tension between MacLeod and Tabby are just a small fraction of the feelings you will experience during your journey into the novel Dark Victory. These pages offer a heart stopping, blood racing, thrill ride in the paranormal romance genre, and they are worth every moment.

Stay tuned for the last book in the series (so far), Dark Lover, to be reviewed next.