Atlantis Betrayed (Warriors of Poseidon, #6)Atlantis Betrayed by Alyssa Day
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“Jack the Ripper must have been a vampire.

What a great first line. I was hooked.
This book is a quick and fabulous read about her studly Warriors of Poseidon. Here we have Christophe, our bad boy warrior, who while trying to retrieve an aquamarine that belongs in Poseidon’s trident, meets the Scarlet Ninja. The Scarlet Ninja is a modern-day Robin Hood figure who robs from the rich and gives to the poor of London. But why is the Scarlet Ninja needed at all?

Most of her Warriors of Poseidon books are great, but this one took the vampire’s places in human governments to a new level.

How often do we read about vampires who believe humans to be nothing more than just sheep? Quite a bit, IMHO. But Alyssa Day takes us farther, and distinguishes her series from others. In this series, we’ve seen the vampires not only “come out of the coffin” (to borrow a line from Sookie Stackhouse), but they are in human governments and have “rights” now.
In Atlantis Betrayed, we see that the job rates are at an all-time low, and that vampires in London have basically turned back time-they behave as wealthy nobles while all the humans are starving and out of work. Time to pick up the pitchforks and torches, my fellow villagers!

When Christophe meets up with the Scarlet Ninja, he learns one of two things. 1-The Scarlet Ninja is a girl! and 2-she wants the same thing he does-The Siren (the aquamarine).

So what to do, what to bout follow her home and sleep with her? Yep! That’s just what happens…and wow is it hot!
Alyssa Day got naughty with this book.

With Christophe being a bad boy, it only makes sense for him to be really bad…he he…At one point, Lady Fiona (the Scarlet Ninja is a children’s book author! and Scottish nobilty), is all hot and bothered from her interactions with Christophe, so she does what any woman would do…She imagines him touching her as she pleasures herself. But soon her fingers are joined by another’s-Christophe had heard Fiona sigh his name.

“He reached out, cupping her breasts in his big hands, and her nipples visibly tightened and hardened further. He smiled and looked up at her. “They want me to suck on them, don’t they?”
She shivered, staring at the deep, glowing pools of his eyes.
“Tell me,” he coaxed, “Say the words.”
“I can’t—I don’t—” she stumbled, flustered, “Ladies don’t talk dirty.”
He laughed, and the rich sound of it sent a wave of heat through her. “Ah, but warriors do, my beautiful ninja. So let me tell you that I’m going to lick and suck and bite those ripe berries until you cry out for me to do the same to your hot, wet cunt. Then I’m going to tease and torture you until you come in my mouth, and finally, finally my ninja, I’m going to plunge my cock in you so hard and so far that you come, screaming, over and over.”

Now I’m not one for the “c” word, but that was hot! Alyssa Day cracked me up, because a couple sentences down, she used the word “bum.” The “c” word and “bum” in the same sex scene! Depending on whose point of view the scene was from, depended on which words were used. Christophe thought the “c” word once more and those were the only 2 times I saw it used. Fiona also insisted he use a condom-not often seen in pnr…even though Christophe said he couldn’t carry diseases or knock her up, bravo Fiona for making him wrap it up anyway!

They partnered up to retrieve the gem, BUT a monkey wrench was thrown into their plans when someone else took the gem from and the Scarlet Ninja got blamed for that and the deaths of 3 Shifters. A bit of background on the gem-it can enthrall Shifters, masses of them. So the vamps want to enthrall Shifters and rule the world. But the fae want it too. So now we have to not only get the gem, but find out who took it? Fae? Vampires? Shifters?

The fae being thrown in here made for some tricky plot devices, and a quick spoiler:

One of the warriors leaves with a Fae princess to Summerland for 3 fae years, and uh oh… what will happen?

I love how Alyssa Day had Christophe save Fiona from the bad guys (not spoiling this one–*the Highland Hussy zips her lips*) And the ending was great. Alyssa Day has such a similar sense of humor to mine, that all the jokes and sarcastic comments were spot on.

A definite recommend on both the book and series-which other than just being different from other pnr series because it has Atlantean Warriors in it, has a whole new plot direction from any I’ve read before.

Go forth and read, you’ll love this one!
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