A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix is book #1 in the Maker’s Song series and was in my monster to-read pile for some time now, so I decided to unearth it. Thank goodness I didn’t let it collect anymore dust! This is a fabulous book. Not very often do I EVER give a book 5 stars, but this novel deserves all 5 shiny gold ones.

The reason I loved this book isn’t just for the interesting story and intriguing characters, it is because of how the book was written. The story is an Urban Fantasy, interlaced with mystery, infused with thrills and dowsed with a good helping of white knuckled; edge of your seat suspense. Not that I thought it possible, but all those elements are rolled into this fabulous novel created by the mastermind, Adrian Phoenix. You will be haunted by the heart-wrenching past and devastating loss that plagues the main Character, Dante. He is a rock star, cult phe-nom, and thought to be one of the Nightkind: graced with the unearthly beauty of a dark angel and destined to be worshiped like a god.

Our heroin, Heather Wallace, a FBI special agent finds herself tracking a serial killer and viewing a crime scene right next door to Club Hell. The owner is said to be the lead singer of Inferno, a Goth rock band, who only goes by the name DANTE. Maybe fate has brought this unlikely pair to converge at this crossroads, or simply a darker; more evil puppeteer is enjoying pulling their strings. But either way, you wouldn’t want to miss a single breathtaking moment. Your journey begins on the first page, be prepared to be launched head first; into a blackness not of night, a nightmare of the waking and a melody meant to be heard but never sung. Welcome to a rush of wings.

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