Bonded by Blood (Sweetblood, #1)Bonded by Blood by Laurie London

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Woot! to Alexis Morgan for pimping this book…it was great! Laurie London’s debut novel Bonded by Blood was fantastic! I loved our main characters, and I really enjoyed the plot and writing. I’d like to thank Alexis Morgan for mentioning Laurie’s book to me, as I probably would have ended up reading it at some point, but Alexis’ comments bumped it up to my “read now” pile.
This book releases Jan. 18, 2011 but I was lucky enough to read it at the beginning of December.

Soo, Mackenzie is out taking pictures of a cemetery that might be used in a zombie movie-she’s the location scout. Whilst there, she hears a bit of a moan..then a plea for help.
Enter super-hot vampire male Dominic. He’s taken a silver bullet from the bad guys, but Mackenzie never finds this out since he grabs her and bites her neck. When Dom smells Kenzie, he can’t help himself…she is a rare Sweetblood, whereas most of us humans have normal blood, some have a better flavor. That means her blood is both delicious and highly addictive. It’s also an illegal substance for the vamp community. Oh, and he works for the Enforcement Agency. Oops!

The agency is trying to eradicate the dealers of “Sweet” and his motives are more than just for the greater good-and btw, isn’t it nice to see a normal hero? Not one who is merely doing good because it’s the right thing to do? I mean we all love a good guy, but his agenda includes revenge against the Overlord of the Darkbloods (those dealing the Sweet). Pavlos (the Overlord) raped his mom, killed his parents, and turned his brother into a Sweet junkie. So Dom’s playing for the good guys, but only because it fits in his own plans.

Kenzie is human as can be, but little does she know her blood is delicious and that the Dark Bloods (think drug dealers) will trap her to drain her blood and sell it as a delicacy on the vampire black market. But Kenzie is also much more than she seems. For generations, people in her family have been disappearing. Just up and gone. She’s constantly afraid that she will be next. And she lives her life that way-no deep friendships, no commitments, no boyfriends…lonely life.

When Dom took her blood at the cemetery, he created a bond with her that neither understand. Somehow, they are getting each others thoughts and feelings to a degree. The connection is intense and very sensual. But in the mean time, the Darkbloods are somehow becoming organized. This is a new development, as they have always been like a junkie in need of a fix. Drain the human and bail. Now they are trapping humans and keeping them alive…more Sweet to go around if they keep the food source.

I’ll have to stop myself here because there are a couple twists that I don’t want to spoil. But this is a great debut novel and has a great cast of characters. The side characters are fun and entertaining, and make me care enough about them to want to read Embraced by Blood when it comes out in June. and I’m absolutely enjoying my entry into Laurie London’s “World of Sweet.”

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