Big Bad Beast (Pride, #6)Big Bad Beast by Shelly Laurenston

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

—Spoiler-Free Review—

If you’re a Shelly Laurenston fan, you will love this latest edition to her Pride series. I say that because I wasn’t a fan til now. If even I liked this, I have no doubt that most readers will.

I had a hard time with the first part of this book. I don’t like bitchy heroines. I just don’t. I also have only read on other book by this author, and I really didn’t like it.

Then after a while, I kind of realized that Dee isn’t a bitchy heroine…most of the time, anyways. She actually turned me around. I began to not only like Dee but to enjoy her personality and her snark. Oh she still had her bitchy moments, but I was able to like them, and laugh at her sense of humor.

Ric, on the other hand, I loved. No, I adored Ric. He wasn’t the typical alpha male growling “mine” and stalking Dee all around the book. No, he was a smart and, well, nice guy. While I do love me a good alpha male, sometimes it’s nice to have a change.

The storyline in this one picks up with the hybrids, and the illegal fights (think dog fights, or cock fights). In this book they’re trying to find the money trail and see how high up it goes-not only do they find the money trail’s end, it hits much closer to home than anyone thought.

Meanwhile, Ric is trying to trap his She-Wolf Dee into realizing that they are perfect for each other. I loved Dee’s family. I loved all the side characters, and about halfway through the book, I loved Dee as well.

My favorite part was when Dee, Marcella and Dez had just finished a mission together, and they don’t really get along, but have a tentative truce.

“You”—she pointed at Dee-Ann—“kill at the slightest provocation. I hit for no other reason than I feel like it. And MacDermot is rude and abrasive.” Cella put her arms around each woman’s shoulders and hugged them in tight. “Oh my God! I just realized. I love you guys!”
“You’re touchin’ me,” Dee-Ann complained.
“Yeah but at least this time it’s not ’cause I’m hitting you.”
“Only ’cause my back’s not turned.”
MacDermot laughed. “She’s got a point, Malone.”

In fact, I enjoyed the sarcastic wit so much, I plan on now re-reading the book I didn’t like by her with a fresh perspective, and seeing if maybe I just didn’t “get” the snark and sarcasm.

***Thank you to Kensington who provided me with this book for review
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