Give Me a Texas OutlawGive Me a Texas Outlaw by Jodi Thomas

My rating: 3 of 5 flames

This was my first cowboy book, and I thought it might be fun to start with an anthology so I got several different tastes of my first cowboys (not like that you naughty readers!) One thing that I didn’t realize is that this book is very sweet. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with that sexy cover I didn’t expect sweet.

3.5 flames- Starting with the first story The Outlaw, we have a young lady who tells some stories so big she needs the first available man to bail her out. She plans a wedding for herself with no groom. Uh oh. What’s a gal to do? Why use the first outlaw who passes through as her fake husband. But there’s more to the story-her uncle is trying to steal her ranch out from under her! Sneaky guy. But her new husband is more than she bargained for, and not only does he help save her reputation, he helps to save her land, and her heart.

4 flames- The second story Trouble in Petticoats, was pretty cute too. But the back of the book is wrong, it states that Larissa is kidnapped, but it’s her 10 year old sister. Her father hires a gunfighter to bring her back, but Larissa knows her father doesn’t care about her sister, he only cares about his image and how it looks that someone took his daughter. So, Larissa follows along to help. This was really a cute story, and watching the two of them bring back her sister, then tell off her father was fantastic.

1.5 flames- The third story, Texas Flame started out pretty well, but it fizzled quickly. The story wound around in circles, and I got irritated enough to want to quit. But I persevered and finished it, and still only want to rate it 1.5 flames.

4 flames- The last story Most Wanted, was my favorite. It was funny, and sweet, and action-packed. Odessa was an accidental outlaw who needed a hired gun to help get her home. Shadow Rivers is looking for redemption and a place to hang his hat. The ending cracked me up, and the author’s writing and skill absolutely worked for me and the story.

Final Thoughts, the stories were sweet, there was very little in the steam factor, but it was an easy and light romance.

*thank you to Kensington for supplying the ARC

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