#AussieWeek #YA #Review Your Guardian Angel by Skyla MadiYour Guardian Angel on December 2012
Genres: Romance, YA
Pages: 235
Format: eBook
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For Ruby Moore life is far more complicated than that of your average teen, for she is in no way average. Ruby is a vampire and her life as a vampire is far from traditional.

It has been one year since her normal life was brutally taken from her. Still adjusting to the shock of the change from mortal to immortal, her world is rocked again and she is taken under the wings of a guardian angel back to Sage Sanctum- a school beyond reach from the vampires that are determined to destroy her.

There, she is freed from her vampiric chains and her normal needs and urges return. However a new urge arises… Lust. A forbidden lust toward her savior, her guardian angel.

Attempting to control these desires is difficult, very difficult and when things couldn't possibly get any worse, her situation becomes life or death as someone, somewhere in the school is aiding those who want her dead.

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Since this was a book I hunted out rather than received as an ARC, I was thrilled to see such wonderful reviews. Maybe my hopes just rose to far up, but I was severely disappointed. I really liked the idea behind this and I do believe that the author has potential, but I could not finish this read.


Loved this plot! Daughter of a Goddess, the heroine witnesses her mom’s murder and is attacked by the same vampiric villain. Now a vampire herself, Ruby lives among her human family until she is whisked away by the same school that trained her mother. This is where she meets her Guardian Angel, Eli, and is painfully changed back into a Goddess. Without the vampire desires to focus on, Ruby can now learn to strengthen and harness her goddess powers while restraining from jumping the sexy bones of her protector.


Ruby’s character is not as well-developed as one would hope, and though Eli is described so tantalizingly, he isn’t the hunk I was hoping for. I think more time spent into bringing out more layers of her personality would bind the reader.

The Reason for Closure

This book needs such help in editing. There are so many incomplete parts. I kept backtracking a page trying to figure out what happened in between moments. There was no finality to a scene and so many thoughts were unfinished. Also, the punctuation is in need of improvement.

Skyla Madi has a ways to go, but with refinement, this will be a lovely novel and she will be on her way to greatness.


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