Come Back to Me by Cynthia EdenCome Back To Me by cynthia eden
Published by Hocus Pocus Publishing on November 18, 2020
Pages: 123
Format: eBook
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Sadie Townsend’s lover is dead. She buried him. She mourned him. So…how in the sweet hell is Liam “Sully” Sullivan standing across the bar from her?

He isn’t dead. He’s undead.

When Sully was turned into a vampire, he had no choice but to leave his beautiful Sadie. He didn’t think that she’d ever want a monster in her bed. But now Sadie is in front of him, reminding him of everything that he lost…and he’s never wanted another woman more.

There’s a whole lot more to Sadie than meets the eye.

Sadie isn’t afraid because her ex-lover is a vamp. Surprise time…she’s a leopard shifter, and she’s more than able to handle any threat that comes her way. An FBI agent, she’s hunting a supernatural killer, and she’s not going to let anyone or anything get in her way. Certainly not an extremely sexy, extremely unforgettable, and extremely frustrating vamp.

One taste, and he can’t let go.

Sully didn’t think he had a chance with Sadie, but now that he knows the truth about her, all bets are off. He’ll join her on this hunt, he’ll prove his worth to her, and he’ll convince the only woman he’s ever loved that he’s one vamp who intends to stay by her side…forever.

Author’s Note: Ready to slip over to the supernatural side? COME BACK TO ME was originally released in the“Belong to the Night” anthology (published in 2010), and, back then, the novella had the title of IN THE DARK. I’ve updated the sexy tale (this story contains 31,000 words), and now Sully and Sadie are ready to hunt…for love and for a killer. Thrills, chills, and paranormal romance are waiting!

Note: This novella is a re-release that’s been re-edited and updated a bit. The original was in the anthology called Belong to the Night.

I really loved this one, and I didn’t expect that twist at the end.

Sadie is a shifter who works for the FBI in this novella which feels like part of Eden’s Night Watch series. She’s on a case and walks into a vampire bar when she sees a dead man: her former lover. Worse than thinking he was dead, is seeing him very much alive and getting cozy with a woman at a bar. Now she’s pissed and hurt.

Liam was paired with Sadie for a case two years before, but he wasn’t killed on that last mission, not in the staying dead sense of the word. He was turned into a vampire. He wouldn’t go near Sadie for fear she’d see him as a monster. So 2 years later, his joy at seeing her is killed when she drives a stake into his chest.

She misses his heart, but he’s surprised she knows about vampires at all…until he realizes she isn’t human either. She’s a leopard shifter and she’s on a case. After their little meet and greet, she runs off after her suspect, and he follows of course. He’ll follow Sadie anywhere.

The past two years have done nothing to dull their passion, and Liam wants to pick up right where they left off, but Sadie’s focus is on the shifter killer she’s hunting. They make a great team, and I enjoyed watching them get to know each other all over again, with no secrets.

I love Cynthia Eden’s Paranormal Romances, and I especially love second chance romances that involved a betrayal. This book checks all my boxes. I liked the story, and I really wish PNR would make a comeback. I want more books like this.

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