It has some pretty steamy scenes but they cannot make up for the heroine.  I spent the entire novella either rolling my eyes at her or wanting to smack her.

I’d say because it’s a novella I just didn’t have time to get into the story, but that not’s true.

From Author’s Website:
Jacob La Costa Rios is the head of the California governor’s security team; he’s also a vampire who wants the governor, a presidential hopeful, to support the peaceful integration of vampires into human society. Unfortunately, there are others who oppose Jake’s plan. Plus, Jake’s a little distracted by discovering his one true mate, the human female who can give him everything he’s always wanted: love, children, and continuing immortality. Francesca Marie Stewart is the governor’s “go-green” political consultant.
Although she’s been attracted to Jake from day one, her priority is her career and protecting her heart. But then Jake blatantly propositions her and Frankie, who hasn’t experienced sexual intimacy since she was seventeen-years-old, decides it’s time to take what she wants—within reason. No matter—once Jake makes love to Frankie, he knows reason will be the farthest thing from her mind. Then he just has to eliminate the person threatening her, reveal the fact he’s a vampire, and convince her that trusting him will bring both of them eternal happiness.
Jake Rios is the typical hot alpha male vampire.  Over six feet of sexy and a man who will do what he must to protect his mate.  He also seems to be a man who will tolerate his mate’s stupidity, but I guess when you’ve spent 200 years looking for “the one” so you can finally get someone pregnant then you’d put up with a lot as well.  And let’s just savor that for a moment shall we?  So your whole purpose in finding a mate is so you can knock the little woman up?!?!  Ok, and the fact that unmated vampires who reach 201 without mating start to decline in power.  So there’s something about them losing sanity or peace or whatever.  Oh, and did I mention that an unmated vampire male couldn’t even ejaculate inside anyone but his mate?  That’s handy.  However this begs the question: If males have to find their mates so they can ejaculate and impregnate her so they can stay sane, what recourse do female vampires have?  I don’t know because we’re never told they exist until after a mating.  Hmmm….
Francesca “Frankie” Stewart is just an idiot.  I get that getting kidnapped at the age of seventeen by the man you thought you loved would be traumatic and would create trust issues, but that’s no excuse.  Heaven save us from the overreacting female.  So she hasn’t had sex since she was seventeen (I can’t remember how old she is now, given her actions I’d say 18 but she’s probably mid twenties), has sworn off men, but just can’t help being drawn to Jake.  I get it, he’s gorgeous and got all that vampy charisma.  So she sleeps with him and during sex she discovers he’s a vampire when he bites her neck and starts to drink her blood.  So she readily accepts that, even asks him about what is/isn’t true – like the fact they cannot go out in sunlight.  So then when she wakes up in the morning to find him gone she doesn’t go “Oh hey my vamp lover can’t be in the sun so he’s probably gone somewhere to wait out the day” she goes “OMG, he’s gone and didn’t leave a note the *ssh*l* just wanted to get laid! I HATE HIM!”   Stupid.  That’s pretty much all I can about her.
It’s a shame, too, because the plot about the governor and bringing vamps mainstream sounds really intriguing.  I also feel there could’ve been more done with the threat to Frankie from someone that was involved with her kidnapping.  And the sex was pretty hot, not gonna lie.  Good bones, but needed a different female, Jake is ok but loving Frankie makes him a little weak in my eyes.  I think this would’ve gotten a much higher rating if it weren’t for Frankie’s freak out.  It just made no sense whatsoever and brought the entire novella down.  Sadly.
eGalley provided by Random House (Love Swept) via NetGalley