Angel Betrayed (The Fallen, #2)Angel Betrayed by Cynthia Eden
My rating: 5 of 5 flames

With sexy Fallen Angels, and a sultry half-succubus, the pages steam from page one.

This is one of those novels that stuck with me long after I read it. I kept having daydreams about my own Fallen Angel, because, wow, Sammael is one sexy hero. The shadowy image of his black wings is such a nice touch. He’s a Fallen, and he’s one of those bad boys who doesn’t care about anything. But when Seline dances into his life, he realizes that it kind of sucks not caring about anything. Especially once he realizes he cares about Seline.

Seline is setting Sam up, big time. I love betrayal plots, and I love watching the hero/heroine try to get around that to have a relationship. This betrayal was early on so they had plenty of page time to fall in love and deal with Seline trying to kill him. Also, maybe she wasn’t going to kill him. She’s tricky like that.

Seline is a half-succubus, and the father-figure in her life is a Punishment Angel. He’s not a Fallen, since he still has his wings, but he’s not as favored as he thinks. He uses Seline to get him close to his mark, then he…delivers justice. One thing though, is he keeps telling Seline that she is an abomination, and he feeds her a lot of misinformation, so we get to see Seline learning and making her own judgment. I liked seeing her change her opinion on certain things because it made her a fantastic heroine. She wasn’t needy, or whiny, or TSTL. She was easy to like, and you wanted to root for her.

Sam was an Angel of Death, and his touch can kill, yet it never hurts Seline. Why is that? Is there more to her than just her succubus side? And what exactly is her other half? There is quite the twist towards the end that really had me thinking there might be a different ending. I love when an author can mislead me without making me feel like the ending came out of left field.

Cynthia Eden is one of my favorite authors, I especially love that her romantic suspense is actually paranormal romantic suspense. You can’t beat that!

Ms. Eden has a way of sucking you into her story and keeping you breathless until the ride is over.

***ARC courtesy of Kensington Books

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